Our offers

> 1 — Study of Product Standards & Regulations

> 2 — Regulatory database

> 3 — Outsourcing of the Regulatory Quality Department 

> 4 — Crisis management

> 5 —  Training

1 — Study of Product Standards & Regulations

We support you in determining the texts and standards applicable to your products before they are placed on the market.

Through a personalised regulatory monitoring, a good knowledge of the texts applicable to your activity makes it possible to implement the appropriate actions to control risks and be in compliance.

Examples of intervention:

  • Summary of applicable standards 
  • Impact study of texts and standards on products
  • Study on the developments brought about by new texts
  • Extension and interpretation of requirements
  • Analysis of regulatory obligations for online sales  
  • Study for product labelling and trade claims
  • Regulatory analysis for development in a new country
  • Range review

2 — Regulatory database

We support you in the creation of databases and their updates in order to meet your marketing obligations requested by the authorities and your customers.

Example of service:

  • Development of a regulatory database structure
  • Supply of information to a database (regulations, standards, decrees, opinions, directives, etc.)
  • Updating the database
  • Development of company-specific regulatory monitoring tools
  • Specific extension of the database (business intelligence, case law, etc.) 

3 — Outsourcing of the Regulatory Quality Department  

A solution adapted to your needs that provides you with product experts to meet your challenges and your context.

The guarantee of a privileged support throughout the life cycle of your products.

In which cases could you use our services ?

  • You do not have the skills in your company
  • You are faced with a high seasonal activity or a temporary lack of staff
  • You want to accelerate the development of a product or a business project
  • You want to improve your skills, improve your teams and your company

Example of delegated content:  

  • Regulatory hotline
  • Study and advice on regulatory impacts (evolution of texts, implementation of a label, allegations) 
  • Coaching / regulatory training (regulation of chemicals, electrical products, managerial responsibility...) 
  • Verification of regulatory labels, technical file elements 
  • Completeness and conformity of technical files (test reports and certificates)
  • Drafting or verification of a declaration of conformity
  • Research and evaluation of laboratory partner to perform tests and followed results
  • Set up or support for your internal laboratory
  • Verification and validation of samples (packaging, product labelling, instructions, etc.)
  • Advice and support in crisis management (Customs, french autorithies, Customer complaints, recall)
  • Support on corrective actions following the crisis
  • Support for digital transformation (product regulatory obligations, management of technical files, traceability, etc.) 

Our guarantee: to support you according to your needs by allowing you to control your budget 

4 — Crisis management

At your side, we deploy the best solutions to minimize the financial and image impacts for the company.

  • Diagnosis of product non-conformity
  • Support with authorities and partners (Customs, Fraud Departments, laboratories, etc.)
  • Assistance in managing a product recall (organisation, procedure, RAPEX, etc.)
  • Assistance with compliance restoration (curative treatment)
  • Post-crisis support (implementation of preventive corrective actions)

‍5 — Training

‍To meet the specific training needs of companies, we develop several training modules each year.

‍Our training courses are modular and can be adapted to the needs and context of the company.

‍Example of presentation

  • ‍• The mechanisms of product regulation
  • ‍• The responsibilities of operators of product marketing in France
  • ‍• Regulatory requirements for electrical products
  • ‍• How to write an EU (EC) declaration of conformity
  • ‍• Regulatory requirements for cosmetic products
  • ‍• Regulation of biocidal products
  • ‍• Validation of technical files 

‍The intervention of Iryos, as a training organisation, may give rise to coverage under vocational training.

See the Focus by sector of activity

> Cosmetics

> Chemicals, biocides and detergents

> Products in contact with food

> Electrical and construction products  

> Furniture

 > Medical devices